What We Do

Engine rebuilding and other machining operations including:

1) Cleaning and magnafluxing cylinder heads and blocks (including: hot-tank cleaning, jet cleaning (think giant dishwasher with very caustic chemical) and glass bead cleaning of all types of metal parts.

2) Cylinder head resurfacing (aluminum and cast iron, gas or diesel).

3) Cylinder head rebuilding: gasoline, diesel and L.P.G. (including: valve grinding, 3 angle seat cutting, pressure testing, valve guide installation, valve seat insert installation if required, combustion chamber c.c.-ing, injector tube installation, and more…

4) Engine boring (from 1.5″ to 8″ diameter), including performance stress-plate boring, cylinder liner power honing, Detroit Diesel oversize liner fitting, cylinder sleeve installation, and counter bore cutting and sleeving.

5) Sonic testing of blocks to check cylinder wall thickness.

6) Connecting rod rebuilding : resizing big ends, aligning, magnafluxing, pin-bushing installation and center to center pin boring.

7) Crankshaft grinding, micro-polishing and straightening, (from single cylinder to 78″ long V-16 crankshafts).

8) Cylinder block align boring and align honing from 1.5″ to 5.5″ : including cap repairs and fitting and bearing saddle sleeving.

9) Block resurfacing and parallel decking

10) Camshaft grinding (automotive, diesel, and industrial, also lobe buildup repairs).

11) Magnafluxing to 100″ length (all engine components, as well as industrial shafts, gears and steering parts).

12) Flywheel grinding (up to 24″ diameter flat and stepped flywheels, pilot bearing boring sleeving, spot facing bolt holes).

13) Flywheel lightening, flywheel balancing

14) Flywheel balancing.

15) Driveshaft balancing.

18) Engine balancing.

19) Helicoil, E-Z Lock, and Wurth thread repairs (as required).

20) Driveshaft repairs (including: balancing, retubing and straightening, as well as custom built driveshafts)

21) King-pin bushing installation and honing.