Passenger car & light truck stock longblock: 1 year or 20,000 km*
L.P.G. (propane) Longblocks: 4 months or 6000 km*
Marine Longblocks: 4 months or 100hrs. (freshwater cooled only)*
Car & light truck shortblock: 4 months or 6000 km*
Rebuilt heads, passenger & light truck: 3 months*
Industrial, Tractor & Forklift longblock: 4 months*
*whichever occurs first, time or mileage

Thompson Machine endeavors to provide a quality motor, using parts which are equivalent to, or better than , the original.  All engine machining is done to manufacturers’ specifications. Thompson Machine warrants our re-manufactured longblocks, heads & shortblocks to be free from defects in material or workmanship on our part only. We do NOT warranty failures due to defective/incorrect installations, insufficient oil or coolant, overheating, detonation, or failures due to essential engine control systems not functioning properly.
(Including, but not limited to: faulty carb, fuel injection, diesel injection, malfunctioning distributor or ignition systems, malfunctioning PCV or EGR system, etc.)
No payment or allowance can be made for out of pocket expenses, towing, oil, antifreeze, or re. & re. labour.
Thompson Machine must be informed prior to work being done, or engine being supplied, if the engine is to be propane or L.N.G. powered. There is NO warranty coverage on engine assemblies or cylinder heads built to gasoline specifications and subsequently used on alternate fuels.

Marine engines: must have marine manifolds pressure tested or replaced, cooling systems checked and marine distributors tested or replaced to begin to qualify for warranty. Raw water cooled marine engines have NO warranty.

High-performance,  or competition engines cannot be warranted

Industrial engines: must have diesel injectors cleaned, rebuilt or replaced and injection pump cleaned, inspected or rebuilt by a qualified fuel injection facility. Copy of invoice for this service MUST be provided if a warranty claim is to be considered. Oil filter & fuel filter MUST be supplied with any engine requesting warranty. Failures due to overheating or lack of lubrication are not rebuilding defects and are not considered for warranty.

Correct timing specifications, fuel/air ratio, and proper cooling system operation are essential. Refer to your specific shop manual for your engine.